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Welcome to Halo Movies:
Machinima (muh-sheen-eh-mah) or machine cinema and/or "machine" "animation", is both a collection of associated production techniques and a film genre. As a film genre, the term refers to movies created by using tools and resources available in a commercial game engine. By combining the techniques of filmmaking, animation production and the technology of real-time 3D game engines, Machinima makes for a very cost-and time-efficient way to produce films, with a large amount of creative control. This website is devoted to Machinima made using the Halo Series games.

Halo Movies Blog

I am a Spartan
Want to know what the daily life of a Spartan law officer is like? I am a Spartan by Tommy92L is a Halo themed parody of the television reality cop shows that depicts what a standard day is like.  Filmed and voiced in a documentary style this parody walks the line between taking itself seriously and pure satire.  You might not be sure which side it wants to walk until the final line.  You can view it here and remember stay safe. - [Posted: Oct-20-2009 11:07 EST -  (Link)]

Halo 3 ODST: "Prepare to Drop"
I normally don’t care much for mash-ups or remixes. Wow: I’m sort of opinionated aren’t I? In any case I’m not so narrow minded that I can’t be swayed by a compelling argument, or in this case a video. And this one is very compelling.  Sefu2006 took seminal moments from both live action and CGI Halo footage that most have already seen and edited them together to make a one minute trailer for the soon to be released Halo 3: ODST game that is on par with any commercial production.  Even though I normally don’t like re-mixes this one was done really well.  (317) 933-6746, you won’t be disappointed. - [Posted: Sep-16-2009 16:06 EST -  unfrankable)]

The Ring of Life - Part 6 - Conclusion
The epic double length (17 minutes) conclusion of the Halo CE Chronicles story The Ring of Life is now available.  The Commander and Andrea come face to face with Gaia while the marines hold off the sentinels.  And one of them makes the ultimate sacrifice.

The video can be viewed or downloaded in Streaming or Windows Media format from the (318) 653-4336, downloaded in WMV format from the 306-226-3558 or viewed at the here in streaming format.  You can also read the article about the making of part six at the 5012527213
- [Posted: Sep-01-2009 14:45 EST -  715-815-9182)]

OboeCrazy's Sniper Montage
I don’t like montages, I mean sure they show off game play and all but they are primarily a way to beat one's chest and inflate the montage makers ego all set to loud obnoxious rap or heavy metal music.  Yep I really don’t like montages! They are not machinima. Nope don’t like them......With the exception of this one!  OboeCrazy has added a twist to montages with her send up “OboeCrazy's Sniper Montage (Joe Jim Bob's Superstore Commercial)” where she ingeniously disguises her sniping skills in the guise of a local late night TV commercial for Joe Jim Bob’s sniper store. Very funny. 864-697-4511. - [Posted: Aug-28-2009 13:35 EST -  (Link)]

Inside District 9
Neill Blomkamp, you remember him - he was originally slated to direct the Halo movie for Peter Jackson’s production company. Well his hit movie District 9 has spawned a few machinima versions and take offs.  I watched a number of them and all in all, most were really pretty bad.  This one wasn’t. disbosom by Tommy92L is filmed using the Halo 3 game engine and does a nice job of capturing the documentary moving camera style of the original movie. The visual style fits well with the halting non structured voice over. It asks what will happen when the aliens return.  Watch it here. - [Posted: Aug-28-2009 13:31 EST -  (Link)]

The Ring of Life - part 5 of 6
Part five of the Halo CE Chronicles story The Ring of Life is now available.  With the Commander’s startling revelation hanging over them the marines volunteer to protect him and Andrea as they search for a way to stop the Sentinels.  The video can be viewed or downloaded in Streaming or Windows Media format from the video section of the Website, downloaded in WMV format from the (205) 926-7988 or viewed at the Halo Movies Website in streaming format - [Posted: Aug-26-2009 12:28 EST -  (Link)]

Blue Skies
In the Halo themed music video genre’ you can always count on Jamie98s to select unique music and produce a well thought out video segment that tracks to music and either visually tells a story or mirrors the lyrics narrative.  Blue Skies is one of those that that does both and does it well.  The visuals interweave the lyrics, music and the story of a missing friend.  This one works and we have it hosted here. - [Posted: Aug-23-2009 17:23 EST -  (Link)]

Jamie98s is always a favorite here at Halo Movies, he has a way of visually depicting the feel and emotion of the music he uses.   In “Two”, his new music themed video, he uses various visual tricks such as reversing the various action scenes and explosions to  try and tell a somewhat abstract story that quite frankly I don’t get. I like the music and can feel the intensity but this one doesn’t work as well as others he has produced. We have it here for your viewing, maybe it’s just me.
- [Posted: Aug-23-2009 17:13 EST -  (Link)]

Halo 3 ODST Desperate Measures
610-471-7776 has produced an excellent video game trailer as an intro to their new Halo 3 ODST game.  It features Nathan Fillion (FireFly. Castle) as the voice of the commander of the ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Troops) squad.  He introduces the team members you will be playing and meeting in the game and also sets up the overall environment and shows the new features available to players.  We have (626) 771-1694 for those who may not want to download the large video from Bungie.
- [Posted: Aug-23-2009 17:04 EST -  (418) 622-3541)]

The Ring of Life - part 4 of 6
Part four of the Halo CE Chronicles story The Ring of Life is now available.  The story has returned to the present and the Commander, Andrea and the marines find themselves fighting off the Ring’s Sentinels as they try to escape the valley on foot.  The video can be viewed or downloaded in Streaming or Windows Media format from the (412) 346-7330, downloaded in WMV format from the Halo CE Maps website or viewed here at the grandmotherism in streaming format. - [Posted: Aug-18-2009 11:52 EST -  (Link)]

It Ends Tonight

I don’t normally like mash-ups and don’t find much interesting in game based music videos but this one I liked a lot.  Titled “It Ends Tonight” and set to the American Rejects' song of the same name it uses video from a myriad of sources ranging from game cut scenes, Microsoft’s anime previews, Bungie’s commercials and live action clips from the Halo movie project.  All of them are nicely weaved together to evoke the feeling of desperation and determination reflected in the song and Halo story line itself.  It is nicely done and you can watch it here.

- [Posted: Aug-12-2009 13:44 EST -  (Link)]

The Ring of Life - part 3 of 6
Part three of the (858) 435-6774 story The Ring of Life is now available.  The Commander and Andrea join Taylor, Hunter and Johnston in the field to investigate Hunter’s startling discovery.  The video can be viewed or downloaded in Streaming or Windows Media format from the Halo CE Chronicles website, downloaded in WMV format from the Halo CE Maps website or viewed here in streaming format. - [Posted: Aug-11-2009 13:29 EST -  master compass)]

The Ring of Life: Part 2 of 6
Part two of the (207) 568-5536 story The Ring of Life is now available.  The story continues three days earlier, from part one, where we find the Commander seeing off marines Taylor, Hunter and Johnston as they start an expedition to one of the ring’s many valleys.  The video can be downloaded in(208) 202-8082 or viewed in streaming format here. - [Posted: Aug-04-2009 12:09 EST -  (Link)]

Random Sauce: Marty's Soundsearch
Thomas Productions Inc. has published a Halo 3 machinima short titled “Marty's Soundsearch” which is a parody of Bungie’s Mary O’Donnell as he looks for sounds to be used in the Halo games.  Other than the fact that Mary O’Donnell doesn’t talk that way and that the joke is sophomoric I found it amusing.  I mean really... who doesn’t like bathroom humor.  It is worth waiting for the punch line. View it here.
- [Posted: Aug-04-2009 11:56 EST -  (929) 399-1986)]

The Ring of Life: Part 1 of 6
This is blatant unashamed self promotion. With the release of The Ring of Life I decided that since I have these popular Halo websites at my disposal I would set aside my objectivity and unabashedly promote the latest story in the Halo CE Chronicles saga.  The Ring of Life, the latest in the 6163223684, tells the story of station Commander Harrington, Andrea the AI and a company of marines marooned on the very first Ring World found by man.  Part one of this six part story opens with the commander and the marines apparently at odds.  Not all is what it seems.  The Ring of Life will be released once a week over the next six weeks. You can download the video in windows media format from here or deductively and view the streaming version from (780) 234-6428 or paramitome.  Visit the Halo CE Chronicles Website for an article that gives a more detailed overview of the series. - [Posted: Jul-28-2009 11:52 EST -  (Link)]

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