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All of our insturction and course work is administered online. You have the freedom to learn from wherever and whenever you want. You decide your own schedule.


Experienced Instruction

Our instructors have years of practical experience in programming and have been trained to ensure that they will convey the important aspects of the material.


Who We Are

At Coding Class, we believe that there is a better way to teach programming. A way that emphasizes a thorough understanding of the material and ensures that students leave with a different mindset than they had when they first joined. Unlike other programming schools, we do not make our students memorize snippets of code or gear our lessons around 1 or 2 projects. Instead, we teach them the basic principles of programming, the thought process behind solving problems. We provide them with challenges that force them to think outside the box. We guarantee that our courses will build skills that every student will be able to take with them for the rest of their lives, skills that are highly valued in the job market.

All of our courses are administered by an instructor a live setting. They require a good internet connection and access to a computer with a microphone and webcam.
All of our beginner level courses are geared toward teaching students with no experience in programming. We do recommend that students have decent grasp over math. Any course above the beginner level will require prior understanding of programming, and some may require passing the prerequisite courses.
What is your missed class policy?
We require students to contact us for any questions regarding make up sessions for missed classes. Since classes may include multiple students, we recommend that students schedule their make up session before their next lesson.
All of our instructors are obtaining a formal education in computer science or have professional experience in programming. We certify that their knowledge matches the skills needed to teach our courses by administering tests.

I completed the Introduction to Java course over the summer, and it really helped me prepare for college. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. Everything I learned gave me a leg up in my classes (I'm a computer science major).

My daughter took one of the introduction to programming classes and loved every minute of it. After she completed the course, we asked if there was anything she could do to keep up with what she learned. The next day, we recieved some projects for her to complete in her free time. The dedication Coding Class shows to its students is incredible!

I am currently a high school junior and I took the introduction to python course a while back. It really got me interested in programming. Thanks to Coding Class I have decided to pursue a career in computer science.

The one thing that separates Coding Class from some of the other courses is that they actually teach the material and make sure you understand the theory behind programming. Other places I went to gave me a cookie cutter, pre-recorded lesson that taught me nothing.

Having a live instructor on the other end really helped me pick up this new skill. I am a pretty slow learner, and I was simply amazed by the investment my instructor made in making sure that I learned everything well. The homework assignments were challenging but doable, and they really drilled the material into my thick skull : )

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