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    The Alpine Condo Community

    A community in the heart of Sun City West that enjoys the benefits of affordable condo living. Low maintenance fees with a prime location directly across from amenities.

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    Established Community With Amenities In Place

    We are a self-contained and self-governed community with recreation, shopping, places of worship, and a nationally ranked hospital for you.

  • The Alpine Condo Association "Birds Eye View"

    Seasonal Renting Available

    Our community consists of thirty plus condominiums with several different layouts. We have six units available for seasonal renting.

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    Perfect Place To Scale Down & Enjoy Your Retirement

    Sun City West is an community within the Northwest Valley of Maricopa County. The community includes some 17,000 homes and about 30,000 residents.

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    Nine Months Of Perfect Weather

    We know we’re spoiled… we have it all. Scenery, sports and adventure. Rich heritage & culture. This is the lifestyle we worked hard for.

  • A Place Of Beauty

    A Place Of Beauty

    Live in the beautiful State of Arizona. It is an incredible place to visit, but for those who are lucky enough to live here; it is really Heaven on Earth!

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    A Little Bit Of Everyhting

    The Alpine Condo Association is a perfect home for the person who likes a little bit of everything.



If you are one of the many Sun City West residents who leave for the hot summer months, PORA and your HOA reminds you to arrange for someone look in on your home periodically, either through a paid service, a neighbor or friend. Our summer monsoons and haboobs can sometimes create power outages and downed trees that need […]

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When traveling around in Sun City West, some residents have noticed many hedges that are not in compliance with the CC&R’s for the community. Probably not a issue in our HOA. A hedge, defined as a line of closely spaced shrubs and/or tree species, planted and trained in such a way as to form a barrier […]

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We received the Incorporation Certificate it is posted on the website here. The cost for incorporating was $140.00. The Incorporation Commission of Arizona requires that we renew every year at a cost of $10.00. In addition, we are required to provide a copy of the annual minutes and a current list of officers.

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The Alpine Condominium Association Board recognizes the need for community spirit. However, there has been a disagreement about having to sign a waiver that the Board asked volunteers do at our March Board meeting. Some have said that our Home Owners Insurance will cover them if they get injured. Unfortunately, this may not be true, […]

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Agenda June 18 Board Meeting

Alpine HOA Board Meeting Agenda At Omaha Mutual Bank Conference Room Thursday, June 18, 2015 1:30PM to 2:30PM Please park on the street if you are able. Questions/Discussions by Residents – Please submit yours in writing prior to the meeting. — 5 minutes (Those of you who are not here, please e-mail any questions or […]

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Supporting Our Foundation

The new Goodwill Store is opening soon in our neighborhood and has a long history of taking our used items and reselling them. However, instead please consider giving your used items to our Foundation Resale Shop located on RH Johnson (near Stardust) instead. The monies from the resale’s and the monies made from renting out their […]

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Common Areas, Interior & Other Maintenance

There were questions regarding the maintenance of our water faucets in the front of the building. The CC&R’s state the following: ARTICLE X “Each owner shall be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the interior of his dwelling unit and for the upkeep and maintenance of individual patios and all other areas, features, or […]

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Fixing Faucets: Group Discount Opportunity

Dear Alpine HOA residents: This is an update on the replacement of the outside water faucets as discussed in the March 2015 Board meeting. It was noted at the meeting that these faucets are almost 30 years old and some are leaking. Please know the faucet replacements are the responsibility of each resident. Jerry Poindexter shared […]

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Do you know that Maricopa County allows political signs to be posted not more than seventy-one days before the day of election and must be removed three days after an election day? The maximum aggregate total dimensions of all political signs on a resident’s property shall not exceed nine square feet.

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