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Grow your brand

We give you more control. Save time and reduce stress with automation and scheduling. Fully customise your player and profile.


Grow your audience

Understand listener location, apps and timing. Engage better with your listeners and grow your audience.
Awesound exclusive: Which listeners are new?


Grow your earnings

Profit via advertising, donations from patrons or by selling to listeners.

Awesound is a flexible, powerful platform and constantly improving.
Link your Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel. Understand social shares, clicks on links in show notes, and more. We equip you for growth.

Unbeatable web player

See what fraction of the track each listener heard.
Customise your web player to any colour. See examples here.
New: Integrate your embeddable player with your Google Analytics account to see real-time events and episode completions rates.


We make everything easy, even the pricing.

Free-to-listen podcasts: First month free, then $30/mo.
Premium podcasts and audiobooks: No monthly fee, just a simple commission per sale.
Enterprise pricing: Contact 4322108396.

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Let listeners pay you directly

Awesound works with existing apps your listeners already use.

Get paid, your way

Choose the flexible option that works for you:


Audiobook or one-time purchase

The fastest and most profitable way to sell your audiobook (or music album, or podcast archive).


Premium podcast or subscriptions

Ideal if you are regularly publishing bonus content for paying clients.


Donations from patrons

Let listeners easily contribute directly to you, for the amount they choose.

You're in control

  • You decide the selling price and can change it at any time.

  • We charge one simple fee per sale, to cover all hosting costs and all payment fees. We only win when we help you win.

  • Listeners do NOT have to download yet another app. Listeners can purchase and listen online, or via existing mobile apps they already have. View screenshots.

See how much you could earn

Choose your selling price:

You will receive per paying listener.
All fees = 20% +  0.30

Discounted fees available for high-volume or non-profit publishers; email

With Awesound, you earn more and you're fully in control.
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Three types of publishers use Awesound:

  • Large publishers, podcast networks and radio stations maximise ad revenue with our 7326842094 and unparalleled analytics.
  • Audiobook authors and makers of "premium podcasts" 682-429-2224. Sellers love our unique choice of selling channels and low fees.
  • Independent podcasters host their shows on Awesound. We pride ourselves in providing innovative new products and caring, responsive support.
CEO Mark Moriarty (Twitter @MbyM)

We invent. We lead. We beat the status quo.
We are not a platform built 15 years ago; we are a fast-growing startup with patent‑pending technology. We've invented a unique way to sell podcasts through existing apps. Our embeddable web player lets you track listener drop-off points and works with Google Analytics, another first amongst podcast hosts.

Whether you own hundreds of radio stations, or have yet to buy your first microphone, our platform has over 100 elegant features to delight and surprise you. Everything we do is geared around saving you time and helping you understand and grow your audience... to ultimately maximise your impact and profit.


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Our users are from every corner of the globe.

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