Did you know this month is national honey month? Honey, especially local/ raw honey, has incredible benefit in the herbalism community. There’s another substance that made bees but much less well-known. That substance is propolis. It’s the glue bees use when building their hives. This sticky material is made from … Continue reading

Your FAQs About TriLight’s Immune Products Answered


Your FAQs About TriLight’s Immune Products Answered We’re often asked about immune system support and our products.  We hope this information will help you grasp a better understanding of our products and how they might help you support your immune system. Q- Which Trilight products can build up your immune … Continue reading

All The Reasons to LOVE Elderberry


These tiny little berries, elderberries, have been making a rise in popularity lately. Herbal use dates back centuries with many cultures worldwide utilizing this amazing plant. Hippocrates himself documented use of elderberry. In the modern day, many clinical studies have been conducted showing the wide actions and uses. With the start … Continue reading


School bus with the words "Back-to-School Season Doesn’t Have to Mean Back-to-Sickness Season!"

What do school buses, textbooks, and backpacks have to do with wellness? They all mean the back-to-school season is upon us and that can be a rough time for our immune systems. The cooler Autumn weather brings more colds and flus. So does having so many people together in one … Continue reading


The best natural mastitis relief available

The sore, achy breast.  The painful latch. The tell-tale fever.  Mastitis is nothing to mess around with and can occur seemingly out of nowhere.  Having a plan in place BEFORE Mastitis hits is crucial for every breastfeeding mother. Mastitx Natural Mastitis Relief Clinical herbalist, and women’s health educator, Shonda Parker has helped … Continue reading

Breastfeeding Support from Mom to Mom

TL Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding has been in the news and on media a lot lately.  Don’t worry, we’re not here to talk to you about the controversial news stories or fake news out there.  We’re also not here to bash formula feeding or create mom guilt. We are here to make sure breastfeeding … Continue reading

Milk Thistle- An herb with a fascinating legend

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Silybum marianum,  or Milk Thistle, is an important plant to herbalists.  With documented use going back thousands of years, this unique looking plant has been the focus of some fascinating research projects and has a wide range of uses. The Legend of Virgin Mary Milk Thistle has an interesting legend … Continue reading

All your questions about using TriLight while nursing answered


Q- Are your formulas are safe for nursing mothers? A- We have a section that is specifically considered pregnancy safe here. As with anything, please check with your doctor if you have any other concerns or are taking another medication. As long as you use the formulas about half an … (647) 929-3261


saddle wiring

August is National Breastfeeding Month.  Throughout the month, you’ll find various organizations and companies sharing information and tips about breastfeeding. Nursing is a beautiful thing and an incredible way to bond with your child, we know it doesn’t always come easy for every Mother.  If you are struggling with nursing, are a … Continue reading



Within herbalism, you will find several different approaches and methods.   Cherokee Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine and two approaches we have utilized at TriLight Health to create our formulas.  Ayurvedic medicine was created in India thousands of years ago and incorporated herbs into the healing approach. Several months ago we introduced … unextensible