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Avido makes stronger and faster a reality for every team. Take the guesswork out of training and apply the same principals used at the college and professional level with Avido.

Avido Training Principals for Workout Design

- Must be sport specific
- Correlated to timing of season
- Customized to each player
- Recorded for analysis

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Build a Strong Athletics Culture

Imagine your school with every team training on an elite strength and conditioning program, year round. Each day, all your athletes and coaches view their upcoming workout. There is excitement among the athletes, discussing their upcoming training cycles and the gains they have seen thus far.

Avido makes that vision a reality. Multi-sport athletes, simply switch from one team training program to another as seasons change. Single sport athletes train on one year-round program.


Solution For Any Team

No matter what resources are available, Avido can help your school reach it’s fullest potential.

Training programs are tailored to each team’s needs. Simply identify the sport, specify when the season starts/ends and available equipment. Avido will build out your in-season and off-season program customized to each athlete’s needs.


Empower your Coaches and Athletes to Reach Full Potential

Create Teams

Set a join code and manage your roster.

View Workouts

Workouts are delivered directly to an athlete's phone with exercise instructions and videos.

Get Results

Athletes log what they complete, making results instantly available to coaches.

Sport Specific

Programs are designed to meet the unique demands of each sport.

Peak for Competition

Calibrated training so that teams perform at their best when it matters most.

Prevent Injuries

Training designed to prevent the most common injuries sustained in that sport.

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