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Ocean Eye, Inc. Diving equipment service and sales company that serves the professional diving community


We service commercial, academic, and public safety dive gear.


We sell commercial grade dive gear from Poseidon, Viking and more....


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Ocean Eye, Inc.

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We understand that in this challenging economic environment you need to keep your gear going, Ocean Eye, Inc. can help.  We’ll be there for your maintenance needs.  You need that new piece of equipment but don’t want to spend your capitol budget.  We can help you with leasing options.  You need a company that is concerned about your professional diving needs and we’ll be there for you.  Your success is our focus.



The success of your business depends on the safety of your divers. At Ocean Eye, Inc., we describe that by a simple formula:

The Right Equipment + The Right Maintenance = Your Profit

You will find both elements at Ocean Eye, Inc. As a company formed and staffed by professional divers and for professional divers, we are committed to making commercial, academic, and scientific diving safer.

We now offer even easier equipment purchasing options with LEASING.  Ask us for details.

However, without regular maintenance and necessary repairs, your company could face serious injuries leading to lawsuits, downtime, and even business closure. That is why Ocean Eye, Inc. specializes in repair and maintenance. Not only have our expert articles been featured in such trade journals as Underwater Magazine (read our articles free at ), but we deliver the fast turnaround time you need to keep your business moving.


The NEW 2011 2012 Ocean Eye catalog is here. Go to the Sales page and click on "Want a catalog?" link.  5808845304

Ocean Eye, Inc. is proud to announce that we now sell and service Kirby Morgan products. 347-766-3541

Ocean Eye, Inc. now offers a low cost effective side scan sonar solution from Tritech called the Starfish. (Read More)

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